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Here's the deal on the Section One Wrestling Forum and its not open for discussion:  If you're looking for a Jerry Springer, Woody Woodpecker free-for-all then beat it now. If everyone in Section One wants to gain the respect of the NYS wrestling community, then this forum has to be an enabler.

Posts that are hateful, intolerant, demeaning, slanderous or otherwise in poor taste towards persons, places or things will not be tolerated, will be deleted and your registration will be suspended ...for good. We don't have time for a "three strikes and your out rule."  You'll get one warning.  After that, you're done. Here's a good rule to follow.  If what you post is something you wouldn't say in public or to someone's face, then it probably won't pass the "stink" test.

All new members need a valid email address because you'll be required to respond with a name and a real phone # to verify your registration.  If you don't want to provide that info, then you won't get access to the forum.

Guests are welcome to be part of these discussions and participate.  If you are from outside Section One, out of NY State, out of the country and even out of your mind, we welcome you.  But you are a guest in our house.  Please show the same respect towards the wrestlers, coaches, parents and fans of Section One that you would show towards any other host.

Sorry if all this seems harsh, extreme and a pain in the #ss, but for this to work towards everyone's advantage, it has to be this way.  Now let's get started!  

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