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For Adversiters - Marketing & Advertising Opportunities Available from

Looking for targeted, content based marketing and advertising opportunities?  We are estimating can generate between 25,000 to 50,000 unique visitors a month by December, 2007. If the numbers are there, then we will go forward with our advertising program.

On September 1, 2007, we will post a snapshot the current traffic stats.  If the traffic projections support the above estimates, we will begin to provide detailed information about the program to the third party advertising inquirers. 

Why Advertise on

1. is designed to bring in targeted traffic from organic search engine rankings.  They see your ad on content pages they already chose to be on.

2. 1/2 of all sales are donated to Friends of Section One Wrestling (a newly created fundraising effort organized by the Section One Coaches Association). You help out the kids.

3. Better conversion rates because targeted Ads will be placed on related content pages (ie. no real estate ads on pages containing information about strength training for wrestlers) fed from keyword search engine searches.

4. Limited competition.  Maximum of two third party advertisers on any one page.

5. Easy one-time yearly payment.  Secure transactions done through "Verified" Paypal merchant..

6. Text and banners ads accepted. 

Sample (Yearly) Advertising Rates

Content area banner ad - $250

Margin area banner ad - $200

Content area text ad - $150

Margin area text ad - $100

Advertising will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis.  If you're interested, please inquire using this FORM.  You will be given a number indicating your place in line.  If the program goes live, you will then receive instructions and more details about the program.