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Oregon University Drops Wrestling How to Buy A College Baseball Team

Regardless of the bizarre explanation by OU Athletic Director Pat Kilkenny for dropping the 50 year old Oregon University wrestling program, a (facilities challenge), collegiate wrestling continues to be the “red headed step child” of college sports.

On the surface, the addition of competitive cheer, which creates a gender opportunity in a growing sport, might make some sense; especially if the funds are available.  But

Now that the Academic Performance Rate is looming above every NCAA athletic program, why would you drop an existing men’s program in good standing?  And then replace it with baseball which is notorious for being among the top three worst rated men’s sports in APR performance?

In addition, baseball isn’t even an Olympic sport any longer.  It lost that recognition after the 2004 Olympics.  That removes the Olympic sport argument, so what gives here?

It looks more and more like OU’s #2 donor, AD Pat Kilkenny, may have bought himself a job and an NCAA baseball team.  The influence of money in college athletics may have hit an all-time low.  Read more about that HERE.

With NCAA wrestling fighting for its life against Title IX and the Academic Performance Rate, has the influence of money run amuk?

By: Rick Contrata

Take a look at the fallout from the announcement in the video news clip below:

KVAL Eugene, OR - (KVAL)
Jul. 22, 2007. 03:45 PM EST
The University of Oregon's decision to drop wrestling and add competitive cheer has raised some eyebrows; however, young athletes we spoke with today said their spirits are high.

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